Art Dimension:
We have the experience in the field of advertising and media production for more than ten years, and has been cooperating with many institutions, public and private sectors.

Our vision:
Achieving the objectives of our clients ( through creativity and inspiration ).

Innovation - perfection - commitment.


Our services

Design and advertising campaign management

In AD institution we plan advertising campaigns through its different stages, analyze marketing strategies and establish publishing straitness throughout different ... communication channels. We also manage advertising campaigns and social media channels through a well organized team starting by building concepts till promoting and issuing reports which reflects the statues of the campaign through a systematic and clear path in order to reach its goal.


Branding is considered the first headline so we are working to achieve a balance between clients’ objectives and the identities.


Since It’s the fastest commercial method to spread,  we gave this method a unique and insured position to produce and direct through a qualified and talented team who are skilled in producing international advertisements. We execute our Ads through professional equipments and talented teams to provide you with a unique and extraordinary outcome 

Content Generating | Social Media Management

We depend on the selectivity of the best models for content delivery, in order to reach the target audience through detailed accuracy and professionalism in different forms of technical templates.

Corporate Films

Its considered the newly communication method between the agent and clients in the new world. The corporate film reflects the institutions stages from the day of establishment, its goals, achievements till its future objectives.

Motion Graphic videos

The motion graphic has become the first choice for many Institutions to explain the programs and ideas which reflects the accurate information to reach the targeted segments.We are working to present it with the latest ways and tools.